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An unconventional perspective

We’re marketing veterans, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been worn down into conformity. In fact, we take a refreshingly different approach. People who have worked with us before comment on the creativity of our ideas and the honesty of our advice. Our creativity isn’t limited to stylish design — we pride ourselves on coming up with novel solutions to even the most intractable of problems. And when we don’t think that something will work, we’ll say so.

What are we like to work with?

We’re focused on being straight-talking and easy to work with. Have a look at our terms and conditions to see what we mean — we just don’t do legalese.

We’re all about providing good value and producing great results — not the clever-sounding methodologies, fancy diagrams, or exorbitant rates you might have seen from other agencies. We’ve been in your shoes and we know the pressure you’re under to get results. So we go the extra mile to help you meet your deadlines and exceed your targets.

Why “Gloo”?

Well, we were stuck for a name — but that joke only occurred to us afterwards. Our objective when looking for a name was to think of something short, memorable and which hinted at our approach — communications that stick. It wasn’t our original choice of spelling — that was dictated by the availability of domain names rather than wanting to be trendy or cool.